A Trip to Mdina and Walking in Rabat, Malta, Part 1

31 05 2017

Mdina is another wonderful ancient walled city within Malta and Rabat is the city just outside of the wall of Mdina and it is most charming.  I enjoyed walking the streets of Rabat, just admiring the buildings and narrow streets.

Waiting for the Gozo-Malta Ferry with a Cold One

29 05 2017

The day I went out to the island of Gozo in Malta at the beginning of May was a very sunny and warm day (like most days in Malta).  By the time I was ready to take the ferry back, I was in dire need of something cold to drink.

My advance research paid off and I duly spotted the Gleneagles Bar right on the harbor.

Exploring Victoria/Rabat, Gozo

28 05 2017

The capital city of the island of Gozo in Malta is Victoria, or Rabat, as referred to by the locals.  As with other old cities of Malta, the center is a walled fortress and it’s more a museum piece now than a working city but well preserved and interesting and small enough to see very quickly.  ^^

Scenes from outside the wall.

Going up to the walled city.

And inside.  The cathedral.

Inside the cathedral.

And back outside the wall.

Lunching in Xaghra, Gozo, Malta

27 05 2017

My first stop on the island of Gozo on my day trip from the mainland of Malta was Xaghra which was totally not planned but it turned out to be great with great food.

Arriving in the main square.

Time for lunch here.

The best calamari

Surprisingly good side dish

And there was the World Heritage site of the Ggantija Temple.

Great view from the temple premises.

A Day Trip to Gozo: Getting There

24 05 2017

I had saved one day during my stay in Malta to do a day trip to the island of Gozo, north of the mainland of Malta.  I was planning to do a lot more but the island seemed bigger than it appeared mainly due to my lack of research but it was still nice.

So after taking a couple of bus routes, I got to the ferry station and boarded a ferry to cross over to Gozo which took about half an hour.

More on Gozo coming up.

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