The Day Trip to Kaiping

10 02 2017

I was in Guangzhou, China between January 27th and 30th and I used Sunday the 29th to visit Kaiping, the main purpose of my China trip.

I was initially going to spend an overnight in Kaiping and had made travel arrangements accordingly but at the last minute scrapped the idea and decided to do a day trip to the city.

Got up early on Sunday morning and embarked on my first subway ride in Guangzhou which was easy but I did make a mistake in my destination when I bought the ticket.

Arrived at the Guangzhou East Railway Station thinking that was where the bus to Kaiping left.  Wrong.  But didn’t realize so until I had finished breakfast at a fast food restaurant at the bus terminal.

Back to the subway to get to the right bus terminal.  And that wasn’t easy as there were three bus terminals at the Guangzhou Railway Station.  The first one I went to was another wrong terminal.

But finally arrived at the right one and purchased a ticket to Kaiping on the 9:30 am bus.

After a two-hour journey, arrived safely in drizzly Kaiping.

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