Breakfasting in George Town, Penang

2 01 2017

Back to writing about my brief trip to George Town, Penang, Malaysia and the next topic is my first breakfast.  There was breakfast available in my hotel but my stay being so short I had planned to eat every meal out in order to try the different local dishes.

So I headed out to eat at a specific eatery for a specific dish.  I followed my map and got to the spot only to find that it was closed.  😦


So I had to figure out my plan B which I didn’t really have.  Going back the way I came and very close to my first destination, I found a few restaurants with outside and inside seating that looked busy.  Decided to try one.



Hokkien mee was one of the local dishes I wanted to try though I don’t think it was the one I set out to eat in the first place.

Penang Hokkien Mee

Penang Hokkien Mee  Very flavorful

Made with two kinds of noodles

Made with two kinds of noodles: egg and rice

Typical Malay "coffee" which is very sweet.

Typical Malay “coffee” which is very sweet.


Various banana leaf-wrapped sweet and savory eats sold at shop front



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