Riding the Taxi in Yangon

14 12 2016

Most cars you see in Yangon, Myanmar, including taxis are used Japanese cars, with Toyota being the most popular brand followed probably by Honda.  They all seem to be coming in from Japan with the steering wheel on the right hand side, made for Japanese roads.  When I was picked up from the airport, I told my friend, “I didn’t realize you drove on the left side of the road” when in fact they drive on the right side of the road which is somewhat unusual as a former colony of Great Britain.  Many of the cars are being used without having anything changed from when they were running in Japan as seen in this cab I took.


The thing that’s hanging from the rear-view mirror is an amulet from a Shinto shrine which Japanese cab (and other) drivers sometime like to hang as shown here.  I’m sure my Myanmar driver didn’t hang it there.


And other views from within.  You get stuck in traffic every so often that you have lots of photo opps.


School soccer team?



Women in uniform going home from work?

Buses on the other hand appeared to be either Korean or Chinese though I did see several Japanese buses running.


A gyoza company car!  Ha.


Private ambulance?  Parked in front of the General Hospital.


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