To Market! in Yangon, Part 2

7 12 2016

Continuing with my visit to the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon, Myanmar, the interesting aspect of it I found was that most if not all of the second floor of the market was dedicated to housing seamstresses sawing away.


There may have been wholesale stores also selling garment material. This I saw as I came up the staircase from downstairs. And not many tourists go up there.







They are all young women.

I met the Secretary General of YMCA of Myanmar on this trip because my aunt volunteers with a Japanese lady who is working with his wife to educate young Myanmar women to saw by running teaching facilities in major cities in the country so that the women can set up their own shops to provide sawing services which seems to be in high demand.

For this cause, my friends and I have been sending buttons to Myanmar, any buttons that are lying around us, so that when these women open shop and start sawing for customers, they have buttons to use on the clothes they create.

Glad to have seen where the action was.



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