Wrapping Up 2016

31 12 2016

My short trip to Penang, Malaysia was over as of December 30th in time for me to be back in Tokyo for the new year celebration, the most important of the holidays and very much a family event in Japan.  The Penang report will continue later but here is a post to wrap up the year 2016 with scenes from my monthly “eating around the world” get-together with a couple of very good friends.  The rule we try to keep is that we go to a place managed by someone from the region (not always possible but we manage for the most part) and we try not to repeat the same region.

Here we go.

January:  Paraguay

February, nao’s birthday month:  Hong Kong

March:  Moldova

April:  Afghanistan

May:  Kenya

June:  Palestine

July:  Spain, the first time to repeat a country though in a good way to celebrate taka’s birthday

August:  Pakistan

September:  Tibet

October:  Basque Country, my birthday month

November:  As with every year, this month is saved for “Beaujolais Nouveau”

December:  Christmas which we save for French or Italian dining every year and try to choose a restaurant where we are not forced to eat a Christmas menu.  Italian it was for 2016 managed by a chef from the south of Italy.

Happy new year’s eve!!


Dining Out in George Town, Penang

30 12 2016

I arrived in Penang way past my dinner time but for the definite need of a drink and maybe a little snack, ventured out of the hotel which did not come with any bar or restaurant except for the breakfast room.  The front desk did tell me the closest bar to the hotel was “Gala House” on the corner, literally a minute walk from where I was staying.

When I got there, they were closing the kitchen and were taking the last call.  I quickly looked at the menu and ordered something “local”.

Didn’t think it was going to be such a major dinner thing but it kind of turned out to be in terms of the volume of what I had.  The photos do not do justice.  The dish, chicken rendang, was delish.







Muntri Grove by Night and by Day

29 12 2016

Having left Tokyo on Tuesday, December 27th after work, I spent one night in Incheon, South Korea, near the airport and after a couple of more flights on Wednesday, December 28th, I arrived in my final destination, the island of Penang, Malaysia, late Wednesday evening.  Turned out that my hotel in the capital city of George Town was very inconspicuously located and it took my cab driver a long time to locate it having gone around the same street a couple of times before we reached the building.  But we got there.  Hurrah.  And it’s very nice.

Last night @ Muntri Grove.



And this morning and during the day.






Leaving on a Jet Plane

27 12 2016

Done for the year, one day ahead of everyone else because I had looked at my work calendar wrong thinking that today was the last day before we closed for the new year holidays.  ^^





I am travelling only half way, or not even half way, tonight.  Today’s destination, Seoul, South Korea where I will change airport, and tomorrow another leg to Malaysia.

Music! and Movies! in the Month of December, 2016

26 12 2016

A little early but here I go with music and movies I went to see this month all mixed together in a chronological order.

My favorite was a Polish film, Warsaw 44, shown as part of the Poland Film Festival, about the Warsaw uprising during the World War II.

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