Riding the Subway in Seoul

16 10 2016

I always like taking the local transportation when visiting a foreign city though sometimes it may be difficult in certain parts of the world in which case I won’t push it.  For example in Morocco I was going to take a long journey on the train but at the end decided against it.

On my recent trip to Seoul, Korea, I found its subway system to be perfectly fine as I knew from my first visit to the city years ago.  Directions are easy to follow and written in different languages including giving numbers to stations, something Tokyo has adopted in the recent years.



How many calories you burn if you didn’t take the moving walkway!  It’s shown right next to the walkway and the number increases as you walk farther.



Equipped for emergencies. We do not have this in Tokyo.

Equipped for emergencies. We do not have this in Tokyo.


Very similar to our subway inside.


My return journey below with everyone on his/her phones.  Again, the station is prepared for unexpected situations.



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