An Italian Girls’ Night Out

30 10 2016

A grown-up girls’ night out is what it was.  So much fun, so much good food with two other independent ladies from the same industry in a never-tried-before Italian restaurant which turned out to be fab.



New Neighborhood Japanese

28 10 2016

I was going to take my parents out for sushi for the “Respect for the Aged Day” (which is not a customary thing to do but I’m just being nice to my folks).  We went to line up at our usual sushi joint a little before 5 pm on a Saturday evening before the place opened and was saddened to discover that the line was already too long.  As predicted, we could not get in.  With no plan B, we started to look for another sushi place nearby but instead stumbled upon this lovely restaurant run by a fishmonger whose shop is in the front with the restaurant’s entrance being on a back street only accessible on foot.






Peking Duck Birthday

27 10 2016

My parents asked me where I wanted to eat for my birthday as they wished to take me out.  I asked for “Peking duck” and I chose the restaurant.  I made the right choice.  Yuuuuuum.


That’s the Tokyo Tower in the back.


The duck!

The duck!

The duck served

The duck served and it’s about the skin.


Pakistani Dining in Tokyo

26 10 2016

For the September edition of the “eating around the world in Tokyo” project, my two pals and I focused on the Pakistani cuisine.  It was great.

No Pakistani beer?! But OK, we made do.

No Pakistani beer?! But OK, we made do.


Rahi Punjabi Kitchen

Omuraisu Lunch in Tokyo

22 10 2016

This is going way back to September when I had a lunch appointment with a friend and a client.

I was in the mood for “omurice“, a Japanese-western dish, which I had not had for some time.  I tried to book the Shiseido Parlour, a rather fancy restaurant in the “yoshoku” league, but was not able to get a table.  I opted for Tsutsui in Akasaka.  Turned out to be great.






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