Cats in Reykjavik, Iceland

21 08 2016

There were not that many but I did see a fair number of cats in the city of Reykjavik and every time it was a different kind.  And every time it wore a collar. The first one I saw I thought it was a domestic cat from seeing a couple following it and kind of playing with it.


And it was quite beautiful.



And then I saw this one also with a collar by it was by itself.




And then I saw another one walking on its own and with a collar although you cannot see it in these pix as it’s a bit plump.



By then I had started to think that wearing a collar probably did not mean that it was not stray.  Then I took this walking tour and my guide told me that I assumed correct.  All cats (and dogs) had to be registered, even stray ones (or that’s what I thought she said but I cannot tell if this is a fact after much Googling).


Saw this on the “walking tour” which I will write about in a later post.

This one’s collar was hidden.  Couldn’t tell if it had one.






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