Visiting the Smekkleysa Record Shop

17 08 2016

Iceland has a population of about 330,000 (Tokyo has 13.5 million) and I personally know a couple of Icelandic people, which does not seem too few given the population, one of whom I knew to be residing in Reykjavik.  I did not tell him I was coming to Iceland but I knew I would be able to contact him had I wished to do so (though he’s not on any social media).

So on the first morning of my stay, I wrote to this site, which belongs to record store and label Smekkleysa, founded and run by my friend Ásmundur Jónsson, the original home of the Sugarcubes from which Bjork emerged and said I would be visiting the record store at some point while in Reykjavik.  I ended up going on that day.


And I found my friend!!




We decided to get together for lunch on Monday, August 15th.


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