Frozen Beer and More

26 07 2016

The evening in Shibuya in an izakaya situated on the 8th floor of the building you see in the middle of the first picture here started out with this drink.  It was a couple of Fridays ago.


Frozen beer (half regular, half dark) and it’s a bit difficult to drink with the smoothie-like foam on top.

It was good and it wasn’t the problem but when I moved onto saké (lots of), beer again, a beer cocktail, and rum (lots), by the end of the evening, I knew I clearly had too much to drink.

Had a hangover for the first time in years the next day bad enough to cancel my gym appointment.

The bar we went to after dinner. The name sounded right.

The bar we went to after dinner. Looked and sounded fine and it was but…

Still learning…!!



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