From Berlin, Germany to Cannes, France

20 06 2016

As was the case on my recent trip to Croatia, I was pleasantly surprised yet again in my hotel in Berlin that at the breakfast buffet, bubbles were offered which I gladly accepted the morning I was leaving for France.


My trip between Berlin and Nice was less than grand, taking the subway and the local bus to the east Berlin airport of Schönefeld and getting the easyJet flight out.  The airport experience was nothing to boast about but flying easyJet wasn’t bad at all.  The system works w/o much stress so good for them.


Boarding the good ol’ way.

Buying drinks on board. Got the two-bottle deal ^^

Buying drinks on board. Opted for the two-bottle deal ^^

Fast forward to Cannes via the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport where I was attending an industry convention.  I stayed in a hotel in Cannes for the first time in more than ten years this year as I preferred apartments to hotels in the past.  I chose a hotel this time for the convenience and the fact that the hotel I wanted to stay in was available which was never the case before.



The best feature of the hotel – an open bar every night for hotel guests.

Dining Out in Berlin with Antje

19 06 2016

Antje is one of my very good friends I met through work years ago.  She lives in Berlin and I visited her a couple of summers back while on holiday.

This time, I saw her to ask for help with work, suggestions and recommendations in the German market.  The meeting went on for good hour and a half after which time we headed out for a bite to eat.

Antje always takes me to restaurants with a twist.

Antje always takes me to restaurants with a twist.

This is actually part of a club next door to the restaurant in the same complex.

This is actually part of a club next door to the restaurant in the same complex.

This is us.


My Wiener Schnitzel was fabulous and huge.



Walking in East Berlin Inbetween Meetings

18 06 2016

What I really wanted to see in Berlin, Germany during my recent business trip if time allowed and weather permitted was the so-called “Modernism Housing Estates of Berlin“, showing public housing programs of the early 1900’s Germany, which has been certified as part of the Unesco World Heritage sites.

Of course that was not to be.  I did, however, get a chance to walk around mostly Alexanderplatz where I had my meetings observing architecture of East Berlin.




Arriving in Berlin, Germany and Spending the First Day Doing Mostly Nothing

16 06 2016

It was raining when I arrived in Berlin, Germany in the early morning hour on June 1, 2016 for the first leg of my recent business trip.  Just enough drizzling for me to not to want to go out which was all well as I had emails to respond to, work to be done, etc., having travelled for about 24 hours.  The lobby of my hotel was comfortable and when I finally checked in after hours of waiting in the lobby and went up to my room, it was welcoming in the way I liked it.

The public area.

My room.

And then it cleared up so decided to go out.  I was getting bored after all.  The hotel courtyard below.

And random neighborhood pictures.













Do you see the bird??



Back in my hotel.


Kenyan Dining in Tokyo

15 06 2016

The monthly regional dining experience continues with Kenya as May’s theme, and the home cooking of the Kamba people in particular.  Yes, such is available in Tokyo.

The venue

The venue

The beer

The beer

Masyuko’s Buffalo Cafe


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