From Berlin, Germany to Cannes, France

20 06 2016

As was the case on my recent trip to Croatia, I was pleasantly surprised yet again in my hotel in Berlin that at the breakfast buffet, bubbles were offered which I gladly accepted the morning I was leaving for France.


My trip between Berlin and Nice was less than grand, taking the subway and the local bus to the east Berlin airport of Schönefeld and getting the easyJet flight out.  The airport experience was nothing to boast about but flying easyJet wasn’t bad at all.  The system works w/o much stress so good for them.


Boarding the good ol’ way.

Buying drinks on board. Got the two-bottle deal ^^

Buying drinks on board. Opted for the two-bottle deal ^^

Fast forward to Cannes via the Nice Cote d’Azur Airport where I was attending an industry convention.  I stayed in a hotel in Cannes for the first time in more than ten years this year as I preferred apartments to hotels in the past.  I chose a hotel this time for the convenience and the fact that the hotel I wanted to stay in was available which was never the case before.



The best feature of the hotel – an open bar every night for hotel guests.



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