Cannes at Night

28 06 2016

Glamorous by day if you recall from my earlier post.


And by night



But cute and relaxed, too.




Well, empty really…

Dining Out in Cannes, the Third and Final Night

27 06 2016

It was our 10th anniversary dinner or so we were told by the host of our “Cosmopolitan Lawyers Dinner at Midem“, the “Cosmopolitan Lawyers” being select members of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers +1, the “+1” being moi as the sole non-lawyer member of the group.

Lawyers can be a fun bunch when in the south of France.  🙂IMG_2298

Le Boucanier


Dining Out in Cannes, the Second Night

25 06 2016

I picked this restaurant to go out with our American business partner during my recent stay in Cannes, France because it turned out to be really nice the previous year.  I was looking forward to alfresco dining again but unfortunately it does rain in the south of France, so we dined indoors.


Dining Out in Cannes with Anna and Her Family

23 06 2016

This post should have come before the last one to keep everything from my Cannes trip in a chronological order but anyway…

Anna is another one of my long-time friends I met through work.  She is from Bergamo, Italy, close enough to drive to Cannes which is what she and her niece and nephew did.

I chose the venue for our dinner.



We were all very content at the end of the evening.


The Fickle Weather in Cannes: the First Morning

21 06 2016

You’d think the weather would be great in the south of France in June.  Not necessarily and I used my umbrella many times during my short stay in Cannes this year at the beginning of the month.

The first morning, however, didn’t start out that badly.  The breakfast at my hotel was fab.

And I checked out the hotel elevator and the winding staircase by climbing upwards from the fourth floor where my room was to the fifth where the elevator didn’t reach.

The view from my room.

And off to work!




And lunch which was wonderful but the sky was getting darker…



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