Dining Out in Dubrovnik

19 05 2016

I sort of missed lunch on the day of travel from Zagreb to Dubrovnik so decided to have an early dinner in a rather fancy restaurant that was recommended everywhere.  Turned out to be full of Japanese tourists (partly because it was early like 6 pm which is not that early for Japan), myself included.  (I found out later that our Prince and Princess Akishino had dined there.)

The food was good.


Overcast but still light outside when I arrived at the restaurant.





All the wines were local as well as the olive oil and most of the cheese, I think.  The oysters were from Ston and they were smaller, rounder, and seemed flatter and less creamy than what I’m used to eating at home.  Not sure if they were the best.  The sea bass and the grilled vegetables on the other hand were excellent.



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