The Upper Town of Zagreb

9 05 2016

I so wish the weather had been better during my stay in Zagreb, Croatia.  The hassle of carrying and holding an umbrella at all times is just plain discouraging for me as a tourist so I waited for a while (and in the meantime got some shopping done which for me would be the thing to do on a rainy day apart from staying home) for it to improve.  Towards the end of the second day, it was starting to look better but still unpredictable and when I walked out of the hotel, it looked as though it was finally going to clear up, but when I got to my destination, it was more rain.

But even in the rain and with very few people around, St. Mark’s Square at the top of the Upper Town of Zagreb was charming.

And other monuments around the square including St. Catherine’s Church and the Lotrščak Tower.

And later in the day, I heard the sound of drums and returned to the square to witness this.  It’s not the “changing of the guards” as the uniform looks different but I was unable to find any reference to it.  Wonder if this was a regular ritual or some sort of a rehearsal for an event.  In any case, it was in the rain.  Drip drip.



And on the following (sunny) day, I got to see this from a high rise in the Lower Town.


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