The Museum of Illusions

2 05 2016

It has been raining non-stop in the city of Zagreb, Croatia since I arrived.  I had to buy new sneakers as the pair I wore from Tokyo was absorbing water from the sole on the right foot, something that had happened in Dublin last year this time and I thought I had fixed it but apparently not.

Not wanting to see any sights in the rain, my solution after having a huge lunch (which will come up in a later post) was to visit a museum though I’m not much of a museum goer and the one I wanted to visit closed early on Sundays.  The least stressful for a non-museum goer seemed like this one: the Museum of Illusions





Some of the exhibits was just bad art but the user-participation kind of exhibits were interesting though I didn’t try any of the games and puzzles not having much patience. ^^




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