Pedicure Turned Fish Spa in Luang Prabang

8 03 2016

The last time (before my recent trip to Laos that is) I had a pedicure was in Hanoi, Viet Nam in October.  I hadn’t bothered to do anything since then because it was winter in Tokyo but I thought another pedicure in a subtropical country would be great so was looking for a shop that offered it in Luang Prabang.

Easily found one after my lunch at 3 Nagas on the same street.



But they offered something else.  Fish spa.




The fish seemed to prefer my right foot to left.  What the fish did, I’m not entirely sure.  It was ticklish all right.  And this is not a Lao thing but Thai, the owner of the spa being a Thai company, so I was told.

Anyway proceeded to my pedicure.




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