Crossing the Bamboo Bridge in Luang Prabang

2 03 2016

Little did I know that crossing a bamboo bridge over the Nam Khan River involved so much business transaction.

My hotel was situated on one side of the Nam Khan River, the river that runs, upon reaching Luang Prabang, parallel and joins the Mekong, and while I had no plan to get to the other side, while taking a walk the first morning, I saw this interesting looking bamboo bridge and decided to venture on.




But before you can cross it, you have to pay a fee, a small one, that would help Mr. so-and-so at the “paper village” on the other side help him maintain the bridge or something to that extent.  And when you come back, you don’t have to pay the fee again if you show your ticket.



So I crossed it and spent time on the other side after which time I was ready to go back.  I had however moved away from this bridge and had to find another way to cross the river which proved rather difficult.  But I did find another bamboo bridge with bigger signs than the first one.



OK, I get it.  This one is managed by another “company”.

Yes, I paid a new fee and crossed this bridge.


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