Valentine’s Day with My Bestie from Second Grade in Asakusa

22 02 2016

My best friend Kumiko from my days in an elementary school in Kobe was visiting Tokyo during the Valentine’s weekend.  I had work during the stormy Sunday but we got together in Asakusa in the evening for a nice yakitori dinner followed by a visit to Kamiya Bar which is somewhat of an institution having been established in 1880 and well known for its “Denki-Bran“.

The yakitori restaurant, Toribien.

Our excellent dinner.  I think I may have omitted a couple of dishes.

And off to discover the real Asakusan night at Kamiya Bar.

Had two kinds of “Denki Bran”, the original and a slightly more expensive “Denki Bran Old” (I think but not too certain).




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