Neighborhoodly But Fancy Italian in My Hood

21 02 2016

I believe this Italian restaurant situated in the same “chome” (like on the same street and implies in close proximity) as where I live has been around for the last 10 years or so.  Before that there was a posh French restaurant at the same address to which I had been just once for dinner on a special occasion.  I had been wanting to visit the newer Italian restaurant for some time and I finally did it on my own a couple of Sundays ago having discovered that it was open at Sunday lunch time which did not used to be the case before.  Came with elegant and friendly service, a very pleasant experience.  Am going back next month.


I ordered the short but the weekend so not so short lunch menu.

Up to here was what was offered before the starter.


My starter


My pasta

My pasta

My main

My main

My dessert

My dessert


Volo Cosi




One response

8 04 2016
Hakusan Italian | A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] went back to the fancy Italian restaurant in my ‘hood with a couple of my friends from high school who are very much into Italian food […]


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