January was a Paraguayan Month

10 02 2016

For the month of January, 2016, my two very good friends with whom I get together every month chose Paraguay as the featured kitchen for our “cuisines of the world” adventure in Tokyo.  It was out in the burbs in Matsudo, Chiba but proved to be a good trip.


Kamihongo Station where the restaurant is located.


At this very casual, family-friendly restaurant, everything was quite lovely with great service.

Mama’s Kitchen




3 responses

12 02 2016

I have no familiarity with Paraguayan cuisine, but a lot of that looks delicious. Did you have a favorite dish?

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12 02 2016
Ayako Mathies

Everything was great. Generally speaking I think all Central/South American dishes seem to be similar as the Paraguayn cuisine would be. The homemade empanada (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empanada) was very good in any event.

What looks like a rice salad cake is an original dish by the resto. Yum.


16 02 2016

I was wondering about that rice salad cake. Sounds delicious.

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