A Trip to Nagoya, the First Job of the New Year

13 01 2016

The only time I had ever been to Nagoya in my life was when I was in high school to participate in a softball game.  And we went on a school bus lent out to us by another school (as we didn’t own one).  We “home-stayed” in our opponent’s homes.  We lost.

So the trip on January 4th before work resumed seemed like I was visiting the city for the first time and I was going to enjoy it.

First the shinkansen travel.  Yay.

I went prepared.

And had the view.



And out to work in the evening.

The following morning was free time.  More yay.


Wandered into a Hokkaido food fair in a department store.

Tried one of the three soft serves offered with a slightly disappointing result.


Time to go home.

The Nagoya specialty “Hitsumabushi” on the ride home.


IMG_8298 (1)

Domestic travel ain’t bad.

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