Lazy Sunday in Nouméa, New Caledonia

4 01 2016

After enjoying our brunch, we strolled around the empty city center w/o much planning except that I wanted to see the cathedral (which was closed).



Took the bus back to hotel

Took the bus back to hotel

Break at hotel

Break at hotel

Revived and ready for an afternoon walk around our hotel neighborhood, the Anse Vata Beach.

But the strong sun made us tired rather easily.  We were lured into this bar from the beach side.

Our plan after this was to go up Ouen-Toro, a hill overlooking Anse Vata, a perfect spot to see the sun set at the end of the day.


Time to go back to hotel and to dinner.  Thinking we wouldn’t have any problem, we went out again with no restaurant reservation and proved ourselves wrong for the second time that day.  After several attempts settled in a nearby hotel restaurant which actually turned out great.  All is well that ends well.  🙂

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