Happy Hiroo Evening Continued

31 01 2016

After the fine dining experience as reported here, we ended up in a private residence in a condo across from the restaurant we ate at the insistence of our host.  It was his friend’s residence and the restaurant being the said friend’s regular hang, we met him earlier and introductions were made.  Even then, I was rather against visiting a stranger’s home at almost midnight.  But I lost.  Two against one.


The condo’s public area





The owner of the residence is a very successful photographer and I admit it turned out to be fun.  ^^

Happy Hiroo Dining

30 01 2016

My bestie and I were invited to dine with someone we know from a “wining group” last week in our old school neighborhood of Hiroo.

The restaurant was so inconspicuous I passed by it the first time, walked back, still had doubts, but finally found it and went through the door.

The entrance to the restaurant

The entrance to the restaurant which is like a private residence

Everything had been pre-arranged and I had no complaints.


Kuou S


Girls’ Reunion!

29 01 2016

It was a girls’ reunion with ex and current colleagues last week.  One of them I probably had not seen in more than 15 years while I get together with a couple of them on a monthly basis.  In any event, it was like the old days and fun fun fun all around.



We were eight.  A couple of us including myself are not pictured.

Happy almost 30 years of knowing each other (for me and I was the youngest)!

Tokyo Snow

27 01 2016

This past weekend, many cities in Japan where they normally never see snow (first time ever in Okinawa in weather observation history) were covered with snow (as were many parts of the east coast, United States).

A little more than a week ago, on Monday, January 18, 2016, Tokyo was not quite covered all over but was trying to cope with the first snowfall of the season.


It was snowy white when I woke up and looked outside my window.

The interesting thing about the above picture is that the roof of the Buddhist temple in the back is completely snowless while it must have accumulated some snow over time like the roof in the front.

Searches came up with many posts saying that temples in Japan often build their roofs steep and without “snow stoppers” so that any accumulated snow would naturally fall whereas most houses would have “snow stoppers” on roofs so as not to cause danger to people and cars on streets or to prevent the snow from sliding into neighbor’s property (as most houses do not have enough space around them for extra snow, or for anything really as you can see from the proximity of the next house to my building.)

So it took me 1.5 hours to get to work instead of the usual 45 minutes on the Monday morning.  But I was lucky as some people waited for hours for trains and buses to come but once they came, they came packed with passengers and no one could get on…

Deconstructed Sukiyaki

24 01 2016

Here is a new kind of sukiyaki I experienced the other day in Ebisu.

Sukiyaki is a hot pot dish cooked at the table but this restaurant has “deconstructed” all ingredients including the broth and served them separately



The dipping sauce which is normally just raw egg came as a darker, strong soy-sauce based sauce with what seemed like an “onsen tamago“.

Interesting and the beef was tasty but the sauce was much too strong as sukiyaki sauce.




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