A Mini Reunion at June’s

12 12 2015

The last time I was at my bestie’s was for this sashimi party.  A few weeks later I was back with more friends from our middle/high school days for a mini reunion and also to drink this bottle of bubbly that I had won in a lucky draw (yes, very lucky) and which I had left at June’s earlier in the year for later consumption.


June and our other classmate Etsuko had done all the cooking. ^^






The star of the party.

As we get older, we so come to enjoy get-togethers with old school friends…!!



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14 12 2015
Food,Photography & France

Is that sea bream? it all looks very good…particularly the Aloxe Corton:)

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14 12 2015
Ayako Mathies

Yes, very good sea bream and huge. It was being sold as sashimi quality fish and that steamed is just out-of-this-world good.

The Aloxe-Corton was brought in by Etsuko who used to live in Paris quite a while back but I think she said she had bought it then.


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