My Final Meal in Hanoi

27 11 2015

I was very tired by the time I was ready to have dinner on my final night in Hanoi, Viet Nam, which included flying out of the city, Tokyo bound, around midnight.  I also did not have much cash on me.  All things considered, I decided to stop by this restaurant which vaguely seemed familiar from my first visit to Hanoi.





Eating out in this kind of restaurant when you’re one is difficult as you are expected to share what you order and it ends up feeling overpriced.

Whatever.  All was good. ^^




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29 11 2015
Food,Photography & France

One of my main stops in Paris is always a Vietnamese restaurant…probably not as good as Hanoi, but still delicious:)

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1 12 2015
Ayako Mathies

There is one Vietnamese restaurant in Cannes which is popular with the Japanese crowd I have been told but I have never been myself. I don’t think Vietnamese in France can go wrong so I’m looking forward to my future visit.


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