Back to Hanoi: the Pedicure Experience

18 11 2015

So I am back to writing about being in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

I had decided en route to Hanoi from Tokyo that I would get a pedicure on this trip.  I even discussed it with one of the flight attendants on the JAL flight over.

I asked my hotel if there was a salon near us and was told there was one 30 m. away on the corner so went to look.  Yes, indeed there was a mani/pedi salon where I saw two Vietnamese ladies tending but it looked like a cash only place and I did not have much on me so wandered off to breakfast hoping to find something nice and reasonable in the neighborhood.

And I did.








It was quite fancy as the photos (and its website) may convey but I paid nothing compared to what you might pay in Japan.  Foot scrub + pedicure for less than ¥1,000…!!  No tipping either as is the custom…!



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