Breakfasting in Hanoi

13 11 2015

Being in Hanoi, Viet Nam, I felt compelled to try a proper bowl of “pho bo”, the beef pho, said to have originated in Hanoi, for breakfast so off I went the second morning I was there in search of the perfect bowl.

After wandering around for 10 minutes or so settled in what looked like a very popular pho joint.

But as I sat down and noticed this after I ordered my pho, I thought oops.


As you can see from the shop-front signs above, they specialized in pho ga, the chicken pho, instead of pho bo, the beef pho.

Never mind.  My pho bo turned out to be very good but it cost me much more than pho ga, the chicken pho, which was a little under US$1.00.



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