Dining Out in Saigon – the Final Night of the Viet Nam-Brunei Trip

24 10 2015

After the relaxing margarita (for me) break, Yoko and I headed to a nearby Japanese-managed, Vietnamese restaurant which helps “street children” by providing workplace in order for them to get out of poverty and better their lives.

The food was excellent.





Huong Lai Vietnamese Restaurant



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27 10 2015

I went to a similar social venture restaurant while I was in Hanoi where they also focused on youth at risk, maybe not necessarily street children. Although I cannot remember each individual dish, I remember they all tasted very fresh and seemed inventive. I hope the kids working at these restaurants go on to find good places to use their skills!

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27 10 2015
Ayako Mathies

The staff at this restaurant was very sweet and polite in a sort of way that the Japanese may find cute and I mean that in a good way. I would hope, and believe it would be, that the experience will be an advantage for them when they leave and go elsewhere.


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