Eating Out in Tokyo, September, 2015

4 10 2015

I realized I had none of my “Tokyo eats” up from last month so here we go with a whole collection including sushi and other Japanese, Italian, French, Taiwanese, Moroccan, etc.  One very special meal I did with a visiting US friend deserves a separate post so saving that for later.

To start off, a very good fish restaurant in Shibuya I went to for the first time.

My regular sushi joint in Daizawa, Setagaya-ku.

A casual impromptu gathering with friends after the Tokyo Jazz Festival in Yurakucho.

A quiet night out with an LA-residing English friend in Hiroo.

A birthday party with six girls, a happy bunch.

A sushi lunch in Shibuya.


An amazing Taiwanese dinner in Ikenoue as part of our “eating around the world in Tokyo” project with my two very good friends.

More sushi in Daizawa this time with parents in celebration of the “Respect for the Aged Day”, a holiday people rarely celebrate but they found a reason to.  ^^

The very special dinner I mentioned above which will be a future post.


This was supposed to be an Italian dinner but it was a bit questionable which was too bad.  In Gaienmae.

A surprisingly good pizzeria in Roppongi for a pre-Manhattan Transfer show dinner.

A Moroccan lunch in Nishiazabu.


A (ful)filling month!

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