Lunching in Bandar Seri Begawan

1 10 2015

Having read reviews and taking my hotel’s advice, I decided to do a buffet lunch at Tarindak D’Seni for the only lunch time meal I was going to do while in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

I had been told the previous night by the hotel’s manager that Brunei’s signature dish was something that had a similar look and texture to “glue”.  I was puzzled by the description but when I saw it, I understood.


It does look like glue.


It’s called “ambuyat”.

The sauces.

The sauces.

Condiments that go with the dish.

The condiments.

Chandas, a kind of a fork made of bamboo.

Chandas, a kind of fork made of bamboo.

Ambuyat with its dipping sauce.

Ambuyat with its dipping sauce.

Very starchy.

Very starchy.

What Wikipedia says about ambuyat.

And other dishes at the buffet are apparently mostly Malay as Brunei does not really boast native dishes.  I tried most everything including “black pepper beef” wondering where it came from.  There were several soups none of which made the gallery below.

And some sweets I saw but did not try.  Too colorful and sweet-looking for me.

Played safe and had fruits.





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6 10 2015
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