Honey in Bulgaria

11 09 2015

During my stay in Sofia, Bulgaria, I saw a lot of honey being sold in markets and other stores.  I also saw from the ride between Sofia and the Rila Monastery what looked like honey farms in several villages.


@ Jenski Pazar, the “Women’s Market” in Sofia


More from Jenski Pazar

I bought a few jars to take home for friends and family in a shop in a residential neighborhood near my apartment in central Sofia.  The ones I bought were not labeled and looked like homemade.



This shop had other goodies as well.






About Bulgaria and its honey



4 responses

12 09 2015

What’s in the black jars on image https://ayakomathies.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/img_4892.jpg ?


13 09 2015
Ayako Mathies

That’s just darker honey, I believe.


12 09 2015
Food,Photography & France

What project has taken you to Bulgaria? I’ve never been to any of the Balkan countries….and I’m not too anxious to change that:)

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13 09 2015
Ayako Mathies

I know. Most people would say that. No project. I am interested in going to places I have not been to which is pretty much everywhere if you start counting every city in the whole wide world. So I give priority to countries or regions where their independence may almost be similar to being countries. Sofia was good because of its close proximity to the Rila Monastery, a cultural World Heritage site, but I would’ve gone to Bulgaria anyway just for the fact that I had never been there.

Next week, I am going to Brunei and I’m sure there is nothing to see but it’s an independent country I have never been to. I guess it’s similar to asking people who like to climb mountains why they do it. 🙂


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