Rila Monastery, a World Heritage Site

1 09 2015

The second stop on our one-day group tour outside of Sofia, Bulgaria was the Rila Monastery, a World Heritage site, one of the reasons for my visiting Bulgaria in the first place.

Getting there, we first had parking problems as it was very busy.  Felt sorry for the guide, I tagged along to wherever he was going to park which wasn’t too far but if you’re a tourist and expect to be dropped off right in front of, this wasn’t for you. ^^

The monastery is breath-takingly magnificent, grand, and serene.















A few of us also stopped by the museum in which a very elaborate hard-to-believe (you really have to see it and there is no good picture of it in the cyberspace as far as I could tell) meticulously carved cross is displayed; no pics allowed of course.  Our guide told us that when the UNESCO people came to check out the premises if it was worthy of being named a World Heritage site, one look at the cross, they said it was enough to grant the badge of honor.



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2 09 2015

This monastery is very beautiful, and different from others in its design.
Makes one wonder how much more beautiful the cross may be.
You take us readers to some of the amazing places on earth through your blog.
Thank you!

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2 09 2015
Ayako Mathies

Thank you, Sophie!! The cross is stunning and I’m sorry I am not able to share with you. You must go and visit!!

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3 09 2015

Yes! Definitely makes me want to go some day!
Oh dear, there are sooo many places you blogged which I would love to go some day, both countries and sights, and restaurants…
Keep up your great work and let those amazing prose and photos flow!

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