Cats in Sofia!

27 08 2015

Thrilled that there were so many of them, I mean cats, in Sofia, Bulgaria, of different kinds and colors, and in abundance especially around my apartment.  I soon found out that it was the work of an old lady next door to me feeding the cats.

It seemed that generally speaking, people were very tolerant of them and were kind to them and one guy even came up to me while I was trying to photograph those behind a fence across from my apartment expressing his, I think, objection at my behavior.








This guy was intensely listening to music.  Really.



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28 08 2015
Food,Photography & France

Love the cat next to the ghetto blaster….my little cat is laying in his special place on the book shelves next to me as I work on my computer:)

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29 08 2015
Ayako Mathies

He was a happy camper. I think cats in collars generally are or they wouldn’t stand wearing them!?


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