The Pretty Russian Church in Sofia

26 08 2015

The “Russian Church” or formally the “Church of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Maker” is a pretty little Russian Orthodox church in the heart of Sofia, Bulgaria.







When I visited, the area inside the small church near the front entrance was under renovation/restoration so you had to go around to the back to enter.  Intending to do so and by mistake, I went down to the crypt where there was a shop and quite a few people either deep in prayer or who seemed to be waiting for turns to do something.  I did not know then why there were so many people in a rather confined space but later read that

More popular than the church itself is the crypt, accessed to the left of the main entrance. Here lies the tomb of the former Bishop Serafin, who died in 1950. Locals come here is droves to post hand-written messages into a box, standing to the right of the tomb. Although Serafin was never canonised, he is revered as a saint and believed to make prayers and wishes come true.  (





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16 09 2015
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