Over the Sofian Sky

17 08 2015

At mere 10 km away, the airport in Sofia, Bulgaria is a convenient 20-or-so-minute cab ride to and from the the city center.


What this apparently means is scenes like these.

Here is a building that is part of the “Largo” complex.  It houses the very deserted department store Tzum (no tenants, no customers, thus this Wikipedia entry is very dated).



And over the central market hall Tsentralni Hali.


As well as the former Royal Palace and what is now the National Art Gallery.



On most occasions, you can tell which airline is flying over your head.  Those pictured, I could not make out the names but I saw very clearly one Lufthansa aircraft flying across my field of vision from left to right.

However, surprisingly, I could not hear any of the noise of the planes in my apartment even with the windows open or maybe I just got too used to it.


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