Apartment Life in Sofia, Bulgaria

9 08 2015

Having traveled for more than 24 hours with a long transit in Paris (by choice), I am in Sofia, Bulgaria on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on August 8th, 2015.


Arriving in Sofia from Paris on Bulgaria Air in a code-share operation with Air France.

I have rented a two-bedroom apartment as initially a friend may have joined me but that did not happen so I have the place to myself.  It is very nice with a view of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.


The master bedroom.


The view of the cathedral from the balcony.


The view of the cathedral from the kitchen/dining room window.

More of the master bedroom.


Kitchen fully equipped with utensils, coffee and teas.


The view of the entrance area from the master bedroom. Bathroom at the end.


The second bedroom.


The dining room couch. In front of it is a wooden dining table with four chairs. Omitted from the gallery as it’s rather ugly.

The building in which the apartment is located is very nondescript.


My street. The apartment is at #13.


Looking towards the cathedral from where the street sign above is.


Sofia Opera and Ballet, the national theatre on the same street, a couple of blocks away.


The cathedral as seen from the front.

Went grocery and wine shopping.

Around 8 pm, downtime in the apartment.

Sunday morning.  When the Japanese think of Bulgaria, we think of “yoghurt” due to a popular brand of yoghurt “Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt” which was the first mass-consumed brand of unsweetened yoghurt in Japan introduced in 1971 as “Meiji Plain Yoghurt” following the 1970 Expo in Osaka where at the Bulgarian Pavilion, yoghurt was being promoted.  The product was renamed “Meiji Bulgaria Yoghurt” with the blessing of the country Bulgaria in 1973 (or so I read on Meiji’s website!!)



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