A Lao Night Out

15 06 2015

There are so many Thai restaurants in Tokyo but not so for the neighboring country of Laos.  There are similar dishes between the two but I remember thinking there was something distinctively different between Lao and Thai food when I visited Vientiane, the capital of Laos, in 2001.

Anyway, my friends and I hadn’t tried Lao food for our “world eats in Tokyo” get-together yet and that’s what we chose for this month finding that there was a Lao/Thai restaurant in Kichijoji.

Situated on the second floor of a commercial building, it looks very inviting and friendly and it was.  Very nice people.


Beerlao, lager and dark. I had the dark. Very nice.

The rice is different in Laos from Thailand.  The Lao rice is sticky and you’re supposed to knead the rice in your palm.

My Lao rice basket I got in Vientiane.

My Lao rice basket I got in Vientiane which is bigger than the one from the restaurant above.


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