36 Hours or So in Bucharest, Romania

4 06 2015

My first visit to Romania and I only have two short nights in Bucharest during which I am staying in two different hotels (not by choice but the hotel I booked had a technical problem and put me up in a different hotel nearby for the first night) doing meetings.  Here are events since last night. The first hotel where they upgraded me (by the original hotel I booked) to a very nice room.  The hotel itself was a bit too corporate for me.  The wine I bought at CDG.  The cheese and snack from two different Air France flights I was on.

Walked around the hotel after breakfast.  Very heavy traffic around 8:30 – 9 am which seemed to cease by the time I went back to the hotel but apparently the traffic is heavy throughout the day in Bucharest.

Supermarket!  I love supermarkets.  The Romanian flag seems to show that the vegetables are a local produce.

Walking around.  The neighborhood is noticeably full of schools, embassies, and hair salons.

My second hotel, the one I originally booked.  The local wine and fruits, compliments of the hotel.

Off to a meeting and lunch afterwards.

Off to dinner with a business partner now.

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