A Sunday Walk and a Movie

20 04 2015

Last Sunday I wanted to go and see a French film being shown in Kitasenju, a neighborhood I don’t think I had ever been to before, but which is actually not far from where I live if one does not mind walking the first 25 minutes.  I was in the mood given the fair weather so off I went to catch the 1 pm showing at the Cinema Blue Studio which is part of the Art Center of Tokyo.

To catch the Chiyoda Line, walked from home to Sendagi taking a short cut through the Hakusan Shrine.


Saw a happy camper.

I was one of just three in the audience in the large theater.

May Fools directed by Louis Malle

May Fools directed by Louis Malle

After the movie decided to walk one station to Machiya, another neighborhood I had never been to.  In a shopping mall next to the station was a “fair” going on featuring fresh and processed produce from Asahikawa, a city in the northern island of Hokkaido. Decided to take a rest with something sweet made by a patisserie located in Asahikawa.

Egg custard.

Caramel flavored egg custard. Not bad. I wouldn’t rave about it though.

Also bought a couple of other processed foods.

Took the subway back to Sendagi where I was planning to try a soft-serve ice cream made by a confectionery shop specializing in sweet potato products.  Went up and was told the machine was out of order but that it will be fixed in about 20 minutes.  Told them I’d come back and headed to a nearby coffee shop for another break.





Went back to the sweet potato shop only to be told that they were not able to fix the machine for the day.  Gave up and started walking home.

Stopped by a boulangerie I never noticed existed before.




I bought a bagful of oven-baked, thinly sliced bread of different flavors that you could munch on like a snack.  Very nice.

Before reaching the Hakusan Shrine to take the same short cut route, I noticed the fairly new small wine shop that was closed the last time I passed was open.


I ended up buying a bottle of sparkling rose from Loire that had a very pretty light pink color as well as one of Burgundy white.

The cat was gone at the shrine.



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