My New Neighborhood Italian

13 04 2015

There is a very short shopping street that may in the olden days have been considered somewhat of a “high street” in the small neighborhood of Hakusanshita just outside of the Hakusan subway station on the Mita Line.  No longer much of a shopping street with most shops closed or taken over by newer businesses, there is a fairly new Italian restaurant that I had been wanting to go to having to pass by it every morning and night.  However it’s just so close to home I did not see much point in stopping by and besides I could never do so as my hours did not coincide with its opening hours.

That changed last week and for the first time, as I was coming home early from work, decided that it was the right moment to pay a visit.

Turned out quite nice.  Especially this Italian omelette.  The right amount of air inside and tasty.



Trattoria Dadini





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21 04 2015
Another Visit to My New Neighborhood Italian | A blog by Ayako Mathies

[…] returned to Trattoria Dadini, an Italian restaurant situated between my station and my apartment for another Monday night […]


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