The Miso Soup Specialist @ Kitte

23 02 2015

There is a very nice fashion-food-lifestyle shop complex called “Kitte” (meaning “stamp”) in front of the Tokyo Station where the original Central Post Office building used to stand.  The post office is still there and while they kept the old facade and a lot of the interior features, the building is now a high rise with shops and museums on the lower floors.

On the basement floor where there are many casual eateries and a food court, is a miso soup specialist called Misogen.  Visited for the first time the other day and enjoyed this huge bowl of salmon “kasujiru” (lees soup) made with “sake kasu” and miso most often served in winter.


So good on a cold day.  And only 215 calories.  I can get used to this and many other miso soups on the menu.



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