The Second Lunch in Vigan: Filipino Empanada

16 01 2015

After I enjoyed my “milkfish” lunch, I decided to go back to my hotel and work (i.e. update blog, facebook, sort photos, etc.) on my computer until it was time for me to go catch a bus to the airport.  My lovely hotel being very simple with no frills did not have any beverage or food service on site except for breakfast so I decided to stop by the liquor store, probably the only one in town, I passed by a few times to take something with me back to the hotel.

Ended up with a bottle of Filipino beer I hadn’t tried and was happily walking home when I came across an outdoor eatery featuring the local street food: empanada.




It was something local I had wanted to try but again, most empanadas are sold at stalls and not restaurants so no hope of grabbing any beer with it that I had scrapped the idea of eating one at all during my stay in Vigan.  However, when I came across this shop, though I was full with milkfish I had a bottle of beer with me.  The empanadas being made in front of you were too tempting to pass up so I asked, could I open my bottle and have my beer here if I were to try one of your empanadas?  The lady smiled and welcomed me in.





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