Lunching in Manila

7 01 2015

I had two lunch opportunities during my stay in Manila and I wanted to try something local.  I, however, had not done enough homework to quite know what was typical and wha the must-haves were given the limited time but they turned out OK.

The first lunch I had was in a very local, definitely-not-meant-for-tourists eatery directly below the LRT Central Terminal Station.  I stopped by because it was well past the lunch hour and I wanted to eat before returning to my more upscale neighborhood of my hotel.





I think what I had was Philippine adobo with pork.  Not bad but a bit too vinegary for me.

The following day, I stayed in my hotel neighborhood and found this restaurant in one of the more posh shopping malls.


And was able to sample the ultimate Filipino comfort food, sizzling sisig, along with a local beer.




Rather oily but tasty.  It’s not the same thing but it reminded me of a local Tokyo dish called “monjayaki” which can be had as a meal or a snack (originally said to be a snack).

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