Breakfasting in Manila

2 01 2015

Going back to my end-of-year Filipino trip, here are my breakfast experiences on the first two days of my stay in Manila, in the Makati neighborhood.

The first morning I wanted to do a typical Filipino breakfast and found a cafe featuring local dishes attached to a nearby museum that seemed most promising for good food.  I asked my hotel how best to get there and was advised to go through the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

Where the cafe is situated.

Where the cafe is situated.

Loved my “US belly beef garlic tapa”.

The second morning I decided to do a non-Filipino breakfast at another popular cafe two doors down from my hotel.


My German pancakes were to die for with divine vanilla custard-fresh cream filling and homemade strawberry jam.  Very pleasantly surprised by the level of cooking.  The pastries and breads in the shop looked very very good as well.



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