Kitsune Udon, Daiginjyo Soft-Serve Ice Cream and Ohaka-Mairi

23 12 2014

On the day of my departure from my cousin’s in Ashiya back to Tokyo, I wanted to visit the cemetery in Kobe where my grandparents’ (amongst some other family members I believe) ashes are kept as I had not done it in a long time.  My cousin suggested we drive there before I catch my flight back to Tokyo and she also suggested we have lunch at her favorite udon shop, founded in 1948, and then visit a sake producer, a different one from the day before, to try its sake-infused soft-serve ice cream.

I had the kitsune udon.

My kitsune udon!!  Love.

My kitsune udon!! Love.



We had so much difficulty getting to the cemetery and had no time to pick up any flowers so we just cleaned the grave site and prayed in front of it having placed some offering.  We did not bring any incense as our grandparents were Protestants.



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