Komagome Ohkannon

27 11 2014

I have been living in the same neighborhood for about 20 years and yet there are so many places around me I have never set foot. Nippori Station is about 15 minutes away from home by car so on foot about 30 minutes and not that close to where I live, but it’s a nice walk and I do it once in a while when I’m out that way.  This past weekend during this walk, I noticed this “kannon” for the first time and stopped by.  The building which houses the kannon is rather curiously shaped. IMG_9646 IMG_9645 IMG_9644Komagome Ohkannon” was initially built in 1697 but was destroyed by fire during war (which?) and the current “kannon” was rebuilt in 1993. Here is an old drawing of an earlier form of this kannon I found on the web. komagome-kannon



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