Hakusan Porcelain and My Nail Art

14 11 2014

I love buying new tableware and living in Japan, I am fortunate to have access to so many varieties of Japanese porcelain.  One porcelain manufacturer I like in particular is called Hakusan Porcelain based in Nagasaki, Kyushu, on the southern island of Japan.

I bought one of these plates the other day (the mid-sized dinner plate).  This series called “Arabesque” is only available in shops directly managed by the company although its products are widely available in department stores, lifestyle shops, etc.

Photo from Hakusan's website.

Photo from Hakusan’s website.

When I did my shopping, the shop gave me its latest catalog and I was inspired.  The next day, I went to my nail appointment with it and here is what my nail stylist and I came up with.

The blue-stripes-on-white design we ripped off of Hakusan's rice bowl...

The blue-stripes-on-white design we ripped off of Hakusan’s rice bowl…

Photo taken from zutto.co.jp

Photo from zutto.co.jp

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