R.I.P. Tim Hauser

17 10 2014

Today I pay tribute to a great vocalist we lost on October 16, 2014, local time in LA.  Tim Hauser who founded the vocal group the Manhattan Transfer passed away at the age of 72.  The group has been a huge influence on me in terms of my musical taste as well as my career.

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet him in person in the last couple of years.  I was hoping to see him again during the next tour of the group.  Such great talent.  Too soon.  RIP, Tim.


The Manhattan Transfer with Jon Hendrix, a shot that was used in the group’s Vocalese tour program in Japan in 1986. Tim is on far right.

Yakitori with a Star

16 10 2014

A Michelin star that is.  There are several star-awarded yakitori joints in Tokyo but this one is way out of central Tokyo in a more, for lack of better word, funky neighborhood of Kinshicho where my colleague and I had work to attend to and we happened to stumble upon it without knowing it had a star though I did some checking right before we went looking for a place to eat and knew that it had a high score on a user generated restaurant guide.



The food was great with pleasant and attentive service but when you compare this to a French restaurant with a star, you start wondering where does Michelin set its standards?  Difficult to tell but this was OK, I was happy.  Oh, and they only serve the after-dinner ice cream to women. ^^



Planning a Wining Party

15 10 2014

I recently happened to be chosen as one of the two people in charge of the organizing committee of sort for a semi-annual wine party held amongst work-related friends and associates.  The other day my co-organizer and I went out to consult the restaurant where we were hoping to hold the event.

The restaurant is in a former house.

The restaurant is in what used to be a house.

My co-organizing partner chose the wines for this trial dinner and for the wine party, we have decided that we would bring in the wines, which was graciously accepted by the restaurant (for a fee), for the occasion.  It’s not that they don’t have good wines.  They do at reasonable prices according to my partner but they just don’t have enough number of bottles of the same kind in stock to make it work for our party which will be attended by 30 + people if all goes well.

Anyway, good food and lovely service at this renowned long-standing establishment.  Now waiting to hear from everyone having sent out RSVPs.

Chez Lui


Getting into the Millet of Things

14 10 2014

I have recently become hooked on this thing.

It is a mixture of 16 different millets – black rice, barley, proso millet, foxtail millet, germinated brown rice, black sesame, white sesame, etc.   I was going to list everything but I am not sure of  many of the names.  These days it is not difficult to buy different types of millets but I had never tried this product before until I came across it having been suggested by a store clerk when I went to buy barley and they didn’t have any on its own.

Anyway, you can cook it with most anything and it comes out great and filling.  And I like the purplish color.

This with yellow bell pepper.

With yellow bell pepper.

Dining Out @ Viron, a Brasserie with a Great Boulangerie

13 10 2014

About a week ago, when Tokyo was about to be hit with Typhoon #18 of the year (was named Phanfone in English), I was going out to see a film with a good friend in Shibuya.  Afterwards I had booked ourselves at Viron, right across the street from where the movie theatre was.  It’s a chain but the food is good and it comes with a great boulangerie.

First things first.

First things first.

Baguette looking great.

Baguette looking great.


Tonight, as I write this, we are going through Typhoon #19 (Vongfong) and it is looking pretty serious out there.


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